We Accelerate Sustainable and Profitable Growth

We Accelerate Sustainable and Profitable Growth

What We Do

Magenta Ocean Management Consulting helps small and mid-sized businesses – SMBs – build and increase organizational performance in areas that matter most to them. Through its services, including management consulting, executive coach, team coach, and project manager. Magenta Ocean’s capabilities allow it to positively impact individual and organizational performance.

Whether your specific goal is to increase revenue, scale profitably grow, build brand recognition, amplify management know-how, drive operational performance, or plan and execute strategy, the Magenta Ocean team can help deliver your organizational objectives.

From owners and managers to front-line workers, Magenta Ocean partners with clients to help their organizations achieve the objectives that matter most to them. This requires robust communication, disaggregation of problems, analytics and smartly crafted solutions integrated into core processes. By increasing capabilities, creating proficiencies, and executing, we help businesses flourish in an ever-changing business climate. Leaders of small and mid-sized businesses come to us for company-specific solutions utilizing one or more of our three capabilities: advisor, coach, and project manager. Our comprehensive model to business solutions and management performance enables structure, coordinates activities, and delivers sustained organizational performance.

Guided by integrity, trust, and client-centricity, we focus our expertise on what matters most to you:

Trusted Advisor

Leverage our expertise for informed choices, personalized guidance, and strategic solutions, ensuring your success.

Team Coach

Cultivate a culture of mutual respect, innovation, and shared goals, leading to heightened productivity and satisfaction.

Executive Coach

Unleash your potential through tailored guidance, fostering impactful communication and strategic prowess.

Project Manager

From inception to completion, rely on our meticulous planning, efficient resource allocation, and seamless project delivery.


Magenta Ocean serves the small and mid-size business community (SMBs). SMBs represent 90% of the business population, 40% of total economic output in the U.S., and 52% of private sector employment. They are at the heart of economic recovery and growth – and of course, a key market for consulting, coaching, and project management firms. Unfortunately, SMBs are underserved by those very companies. As a fragmented customer base, small businesses can be hard to find and track when they grow and evolve. Targeting gets tricky because of high rates of formation and termination, the growing number of home offices, and incomplete coverage in databases. And while there’s merit to those reasons for underserving the SMB market, it really boils down to firms placing more value on large organizations. Magenta Ocean has a different perspective.

We work to unlock the extensive value offered in relationships with SMBs that both parties value equally. We understand that small and mid-size companies matter as customers and as partners – so, we dedicate ourselves to becoming the trusted advisor, executive coach, and project manner for them. And only them. We work closely with entrepreneurs, owners, and managers to identify issues, create strategic plans, implement tactical tools, monitor activity, measure performance, and focus on what matters most to them. Bringing real and sustainable value to our clients is what drives us.

What We Believe

To succeed, SMBs must blend effective and efficient processes with human capabilities. Magenta Ocean brings in-depth knowledge on how to successfully enhance and merge those capacities while working in a uniquely collaborative model assisting leaders in addressing challenges and consistently achieving desired organizational outcomes.

Whether you want to improve executive performance, business productivity, implement OKRs and KPIs or scale your business, Magenta Ocean is with you every step of the way. We excel in the business of human and organizational performance – and believe in its capacity to shape strategic, economic, and enterprise change.

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