We Accelerate Sustainable and Profitable Growth

We Accelerate Sustainable and Profitable Growth

Strategic Planning

Businesses can fail from their inception – or over time – due to a lack of strategic planning, or none at all. Strategic planning is an ongoing and critical process through which organizations chart a course by bringing key stakeholders together to identify and assess current realities – and then define its vision for the future.

Magenta Ocean contributes to this process by examining a company’s strengths, weaknesses, available resources, and opportunities. During the process, we gather input from stakeholders and along with our assessment help organizations create or reimagine their vision, communicate internally and externally its purpose, and set strategic objectives that are mid and long-term focused.

Those strategic objectives inform operational goals and incremental milestones that need to be reached. The operational plan has clear objectives and supporting initiatives tied to metrics to which to which everyone is accountable. Though well-crafted, the plan will be agile enough to allow for recalibration when necessary – and enables the reallocation of resources based on shifting priorities.

Organizational Development

We approach Organizational Development (OD) with the dual objectives to improve
existing processes and establish new ones by maximizing the effectiveness, potential, and capacity of both people and organizations. OD is critical to transformation and since business is constantly changing it’s an imperative if companies intend to stay ahead of competition. Magenta Ocean’s objective is to drive improvement through a 5-part organizational development process:

  • Diagnosis – Magenta Ocean deep dives into data and people performance, a in order to diagnose issues that may constrain improvements.
  • Collection of Data and Analysis – Allowing us to diagnose accurately is the collection and analysis of data for any given processes – including determining if cross-pollination exists with other processes. As with any scientific approach, we let the data convey its own story.
  • Solution Creation – Depending on the need, we design and develop a set of solutions or one specific solution to address the diagnosed problem(s).
  • Solution Implementation – Critical to the implementation, the solution requires alignment among employees, management, key stakeholders, and internal procedures. Above all it requires robust communication of the objectives and motivation behind the strategy.
  • Assessment – We conduct follow-up data collection and analysis to ensure that the implementation is gaining traction and improving the targeted area(s). We again examine hard data, reporting, and employee and stakeholder feedback on the value of the changes.

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