Richard Dagampat

VP Local / Regional Business
Senior Principal Consultant

Rich is a seasoned small business operator having owned enterprises in both the retail and hospitality industries including sports apparel, athletic equipment, and restaurants. An entrepreneur whose gregarious personality engages employees and customers alike, Rich is also a relentless operator ensuring that products and services achieve the quality expected by customers – as well as the company’s desired financial objectives. Rich’s operations management experience includes design, service, manufacturing, and distribution. Additionally, he’s successfully led sales teams in multiple businesses. His professional experience also includes consulting where he provides life coaching to entrepreneurs and businesspeople through the sport of surfing. Rich, an avid longboard surfer, helps individuals and teams to maximize focus, alleviate stress, and enhance visionary perspective through the discipline, perseverance, and creative independence of riding waves.

Away from work, Rich enjoys watching all sports and participating in several – particularly surfing, golf, and an occasional backyard football game with family and friends. He’s an avid fan of the U.S. Naval Academy where his dad captained the 1958 Navy football team, and Nevada University where his nephew, Jarod, led the Pack to the NCAA Basketball Tournament – and again returns as the starting guard for the 2023-2024 season.  Rich enjoys playing the ukulele, painting beach scenes, and reading non-fiction classics and autobiographies. Rich holds a B.A. in History and Anthropology from California State University, Long Beach.