Jana Cisneros

Advisory Board Member

As a seasoned and successful Kohl’s Store Manager, Jana brings a rich retail management background to her special advisory role. During her almost 14 years as a store manager, she has successfully led the Southlake and Frisco stores, and is now at the helm of the Valley Ranch location. Jana is widely recognized as an outstanding operations and merchandising manager within the retail sector where her leadership has resulted in consistent year-over-year growth in revenue and profitability for stores under her leadership. In addition to top and bottom-line performance at the three DFW area stores led by Jana, she has been the catalyst for talent acquisition, employee retention and overall operations efficiency and effectiveness. Managing with a people-focused approach, Jana’s stores are consistently rated as some of the best performing in the region. She is both well-respected and liked; her leadership style has made her Kohl’s stores destination locations for new, current, and former employees. Prior to joining Kohl’s, Jana served as the Store Manager and Regional Merchandiser for over 10 years at Sports Authority.

Aside from her busy work life, Jana enjoys spending time with her family on outdoor activities, particularly baseball outings, and home improvement projects.

Jana holds a B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Texas at Austin.