Unlocking Potential. Achieving Objectives. Sustaining Performance.

Unlocking Potential. Achieving Objectives. Sustaining Performance.


People in nonprofit organizations, as with for-profit companies, are critical to operational outcomes and financial health. Recruitment, onboarding, and development for board members and executives is paramount to successful governance. To govern effectively, board members and executives leading nonprofits require leadership know-how and well-honed managerial skills to go along with passion for the cause.  Let Magenta Ocean help you identify best-fit candidates and develop their nonprofit governance and leadership.


Strategic thinking and strategy mapping entail clarity, alignment, and reinforcement around core values, core purpose, and long term direction of the organization.  A failure to ensure clarity in any of these key aspects of organizational life creates significant governance challenges, organizational dis-integration, and fragmentation. Magenta Ocean can help you with strategic positioning and mapping.


Sound organizational structure is critical to performance – and efficient and effective processes are an essential part of that structure. Effective processes unleash the full capabilities of individuals – and allow for consistent and sustained performance. We can help you with process mapping, process improvement, and process measurement.


People and strategy play an integral part in effective governance but without consistently executing on organizational priorities, and holding the executive leadership team to deliver clear, measurable outcomes, the enterprise will struggle. Magenta Ocean can help your leaders, employees, and volunteers execute by creating performance measurement tools, including KPIs and OKRs that are relevant to your enterprise.


Effective governance hinges on having board members who engage the discipline of strategic thinking, are willing to ask the tough questions of the organization in a way that doesn’t belittle the executive leadership team or others on the board. Magenta Ocean can help you surface the issues most essential to governing well, help the organization to monitor its performance accurately and effectively, and address any issues of potential risk or liability.

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