Unlocking Potential. Achieving Objectives. Sustaining Performance.

Unlocking Potential. Achieving Objectives. Sustaining Performance.

Our Interim COO engagements are generally for an established period – anywhere from 30 days up to a full year. We typically work full-time during the agreed upon engagement period. Fractional COOs, on the other hand, work a few to several hours per day or week depending on the needs of the hiring business – allowing small and midsize business owners who may have limited resources to benefit from top-tier operational leadership. Fractional COO services is the cost-effective way to improve day-to-day operations, project management, and business operations. Whether you’re implementing new approaches, improving daily operations or simply in need of an outside perspective as you create a roadmap to the future, Magenta Ocean’s fractional COO is an accomplished executive whose leadership will make a significant the difference.

Where is your business at?

  • Is your business growing at the right pace? Are you missing areas of opportunity?
  • You have a plan, but are you executing well?
  • What challenges do you see? Are the right people on board to tackle them?
  • Are partners, owners, board members and employees aligned on a go-to forward plan?
  • Where have you seen areas of opportunity or set strategy, but been unable to execute on it?
  • What needs to be fixed or improved? Are there things you should stop doing?
  • What is working well? How can you continue to build on that success?

With a fractional or interim COO, owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs can focus on the long-term vision for their respective companies and how best to achieve it. If your company is in the startup phase, in transition, taking on a significant project, or trying to scale, Magenta Ocean’s fractional hire will help accelerate that growth in a manageable way. Choosing a fractional COO is a way to hire an executive without the commitment and the price tag. Magenta Ocean’s COO will help translate that vision into an actionable plan, rigorous execution – and brings a pragmatic point of view to decision-making around prioritization and allocation of resources. Let our fractional COO help you achieve your organizational goals.

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