We Accelerate Sustainable and Profitable Growth

We Accelerate Sustainable and Profitable Growth


Functional Areas

SALES - Sales Management and SPIN SELLING

Successful sales teams result from a company-wide commitment to ensuring reps have everything they need to do their jobs effectively. This means empowering reps with content, training, and guidance. Magenta Oceans utilizes the SPIN SELLING training model. SPIN SELLING is a world renown sales method  that comprises three training phases: Knowledge Acquisition, Skills and Practice, and Workplace Transfer. As you think about what your team needs to be successful, a good point to keep in mind is that while an individual salesperson may be able to succeed based on talent alone, a successful sales team is only possible through skill development, strategic game plan, execution, collaboration, and performance management. In short, sales can only succeed when your sales training and management capabilities allows the organization to consistently execute key initiatives and processes.

OPERATIONS - Process Mapping, Performance Improvement and Performance Management

Improving operational efficiency is never a one-time process for any business. As markets change, competitors advance, technology progresses and customers evolve, businesses have to continually iterate to improve margins, reduce costs, and improve quality. Magenta Ocean utilizes process mapping, establishes roles and responsibilities, implements a logical ten-step redesign methodology, and incorporates key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives and key results (OKRs) in order to increase process effectiveness and efficiency.  Operational efficiency is all about how businesses reduce waste, improve productivity, and improve the quality of their products and services. It’s the ratio between inputs required to keep a business afloat and the outputs they provide. Inputs are things like employees, equipment, raw materials, etc., while outputs are products, customer retention, and more — essentially operating costs vs profit.

HUMAN RESOURCES – Human Capital Management

Every company is what it is because of its employees. Individuals who make up a company’s workforce are responsible for its success or failure. Think of it this way. If your organization employs people who have more education, more developed skills, and more work experience, It’ll be able to accomplish much more. But it also means they can innovate and find creative ways to solve a crisis. They’ll also be able to do their job more efficiently if they have higher human capital. Magenta Ocean has a clear road map that will elevate human capital performance – where owners and managers are delighted for the organizational performance outcomes, and employees are pleased with their continuous professional growth.

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