Executive Director

I hired Gary to help address several areas including internal communication, operational processes, and performance measurement tools. To create more constructive discussions in the other areas, Gary began his training on communication. He worked with both my management team and non-managers to cover formal, informal, and digital communication. It had an immediate impact allowing for detailed discussion and analysis – and enabling effective solutions for our operational processes. With Gary’s guidance, we also implemented performance measurement tools including OKRs – which we had not utilized prior – and redefined our KPIs allowing us to continue elevating our post pandemic performance. We have increased revenue matching ICMLs ,2019, all-time high. Throughout the project, he provided written training materials and reports including an end-of-project executive summary report that I used for my upcoming board meeting. I am very pleased with Gary’s day-to-day interaction with our managers and staff – and the significant performance contributions he provided to our company.

Leslie Fish
•  Executive Director

International Council for Machinery Lubrications (ICML)